Meet Laura

Laura¬†is one of our signature looks that celebrates the beauty¬†of classic script combined with delicate lace to¬†create nothing but pure romance and elegance.¬†Pairing the glamorous antique gold ink with our subtle house blush ink, Laura¬†is crafted to appear classic yet girly¬†and fresh.¬†Printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White stock, ¬†she is definitely one of our personal favorites. Please contact us to see the beauty in person…

Laura_4 Laura_5

Nothing says romance more than blissful blush and sparkly gold tones. They¬†make for a perfect palette for any season which is one of many reasons why we love this color combination. Laura¬†can be¬†beautiful in the spring, romantic in the rustic fall and equally lovely for a dreamy winter wedding. See how we were inspired to design this feminine invitation suite¬†below…


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1. Blush Tapestry {via Elizabeth Anne Designs} | 2. Macaroons {via Brides} | 3. Wedding Cake {via Katie Elwood} | 4. Florals {via Beau & Arrow Events} | 5. Laura Suite {via Drolet Paperie} | 6. Groom {via Revel} | 7. Blush Heels {via Style Me Pretty} | 8. Tablescape {via Style Me Pretty} | 9. Wedding Gown {via Pinterest}

Meet Kimberlee

Kimberlee is letterpress printed on our duplex bright¬†white cotton card stock and features an intricate damask¬†pattern that was letterpress printed on the back with our traditional black ink.¬†Paired with our spot gold foil on the couple names, the result is striking and is even more beautiful in person. Please contact us to order a sample to see for yourself…


Nothing says traditional than your classic black and white event.¬†Black and white weddings are becoming increasingly more popular and why not? The combination of the two is absolutely stunning and most definitely adds a touch of sophistication to any¬†wedding.¬†Looking for a way to add a special touch? Consider incorporating jewel and gem¬†tones¬†throughout your wedding day to add a little sparkle and shine. See how we decided to bring this classic¬†event to life…


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1. Reception Decor {via Burnetts Boards} | 2. Cake {via The Pretty Blog | 3. Tablescape {via The Knot} | 4. Groom {via IMG Fave} | 5. Kimberlee Suite {via Drolet Paperie} | 6. Champagne & Blackberries {via Burnetts Boards} | 7. Desserts {via B. Lovely Events} | 8. Bride & Groom {via Snippet & Ink} | 9. Treats {via Southern Weddings}

Meet Josephine

Classic, elegant, and lots of fun, Josephine is¬†inspired¬†by a joyful affair with dazzling details. Josephine¬†is letterpress printed on our flouresecent¬†white cotton card stock in our house pewter¬†ink and features spot gold foil to add that¬†glamorous¬†touch!¬†Paired with our Arturo stone gray envelopes, the result is strikingly sophisticated and super¬†exciting! Contact us to see this beauty in person…


We especially love the coordinating reception card that perfectly pairs with the suite! This two color letterpress insert card is sure to set the tone for a fun and playful evening!


Nothing says glamour¬†more than shiny gold foil¬†and sparkly confetti. They¬†make for a perfect palette for a classic, elegant yet extremely fun event. Josephine¬†is perfect for any season and style, but we personally love her paired with metallic tones that remind us of twinkling lights and sequins.¬†See how we were inspired to design this bright and brilliant¬†invitation suite¬†below…


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1. Bouquet {via Purely Her} | 2. Cake {via} | 3. Twinkling Lights {via Khareyan Events} | 4. Gown {via Magnolia Merryweather} | 5. Josephine Suite {via Drolet Paperie} | 6. Tissue Tassel {via Etsy} | 7. Pumps {via Silver Pencils} | 8. Sequin Gown {via Nearly Newlywed} | 9. Metallic Dresses {via Hey Wedding Lady}

Meet Hunter

Hunter¬†is one of our classic¬†looks that celebrates the beauty of¬†clean¬†print¬†and elegant¬†script. Using our¬†house navy¬†ink, Hunter’s elegance is taken to the next level with our bold damask letterpress backer design.¬†Printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White duplex stock, ¬†she is definitely one of our standouts…


As we embrace the winter and cold months¬†ahead, we can still get excited for the¬†gorgeous style that comes along with it! For those looking to create a sleek and sophisticated celebration, feminine and sparkling without being too girly,¬†then darker shades like navy are the way to go. Today, we hope to inspire you with our classic navy inspiration board…


Learn more about Hunter here.

Charmed¬†by Hunter? Think she’d be perfect for your wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!



1. Sequin Dresses¬†{via We Heart It} | 2. Bridesmaid¬†{via¬†Southern Weddings} | 3. Tablescape¬†{via B. Lovely Events} | 4. Bouquet¬†{via¬†The Bride’s Cafe} | 5. Hunter¬†Suite¬†{via¬†Drolet Paperie} | 6. Navy Envelopes¬†{via¬†Chasing Rainbows} | 7. Navy Suit¬†{via¬†Pinterest} | 8. Cake¬†{via¬†The Pretty Blog} | 9. Clutch {via¬†Etsy}

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