It has already snowed in New York City, which means winter wedding season is officially upon us. While we love warm-weather weddings because we can wear our favorite strappy sandals and pick even the most delicate blooms for bouquets, winter weddings are mighty cozy and present options for totally unique decor and menu options. Here, we’ve rounded up some quick, easy touches to add a dose of wintry charm to your big day and give your guests some serious warm-and-fuzzies. Just, you know, avoid poinsettias at all costs.

1. Boozy Hot Cocoa Bar: Greet guests to the reception with a table of DIY hot cocoa — simply fill warming carafes with hot chocolate spiked with the liqueur of your choice (try Baileys or Peppermint Schnapps), and let guests take their pick of cute mismatched mugs and toppings like marshmallows, cinnamon and whipped cream.


2. Snow Souvenirs: Fill vintage glass holiday string-light bulbs with snow collected on the wedding day, and scribble the date and the bride and groom’s initials on each bulb with a metallic marker. Arrange on reception tables for guests to take home.


3. Pinecones Everywhere: These hearty little guys add a rustic wintry touch to tablescapes (try using them as place card holders), bouquets (use them sparingly alongsidse brighter, more elegant blooms) or gifts (when dipped in candlewax, they make the cutest firestarter souvenirs).


4. Texture Mixtures: Layering snuggly fabrics is fun and stylish when you’re getting dressed for a cold-weather day out, and it has the same chic, comforting effect on decor. Go for cozy combinations of red-toned plaids, faux fur, burlap and jute, and use a little bit of a lot of different textiles (rather than a lot of one kind) to get that backwoods-ski-cabin look.


5. Cotton Boll Accents: Eschew the vision you’re getting of your great-grandma’s porcelain Christmas village with the piles of cotton-ball snow. Cotton bolls, or, the blooms from cotton plants in which the cotton itself hasn’t been removed yet and the plant part remains intact, make sweet counterparts to boyish pinecones when used for decor. Arrange piles of them in glass jars for tabletops, work them around the arms of a chandelier, or tie them around napkins with jute.


6. Get-warm Gifts: Blankets tied with ribbon, chunky unisex scarves, wool mittens or thick socks make perfect gifts for guests, and can also be arranged in baskets throughout the ceremony and reception to encourage guests to grab and snuggly up with.


Feeling inspired? For more great ideas, view our Warm + Fuzzy pinterest board or check out this list on Buzzfeed, and use our comments section to share your own!



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